Automatic Teller Machine

DK's team has been working on banking system 20 years ago,initially ATM,enables bank card holders coming to machine for banknote withdraw or deposit 24x7 hours,that cuts off queue line and cost for the bank,also much more convenient for users,as this is much more popular all over the world,DK releases its new CRS(Cash Recycling System) which recycles the banknotes inside of machine,supports multiple denominations,and saves a lot of maintence work like cash collecting,also enhances the security rate as it validates banknotes during the accepting and dispensing process.


Bank Card Self Printing and Issuing Remotely with Live Video Guidance

Virtual or Video Teller Machine provides a possiblity for those applicants who want to have their bank cards issued from banks instantly,after they verify with ID card or Biometrics like fingerprint,palm or facial recognition.And confirm with remotely video call from inner bank staff,sign the approval documentation ,then they can get 6 kinds of bank cards max. from just one machine.All card related modules are EMV certificated,encypted with PCI ,standard and easy to connect with any WOSA platform as complying with SP protocal

Cash Modules
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