Unattended Car Wash & Parking Systems

EcoCar Kiosk applys to both car shop with Automatic Car Wash Machine,and parking lot with License Plate Recognition,or combined.Deployed at Entrance or Exit even under extremly weather condition,resists from direct sunlight,rainy and windy.It works on all kinds of payment gateway,PLC connection,parking barrier controlling,remotely monitoring, daily turnover report,based on IoT technology.


Outdoor Payment Kiosk for Car Wash Shop and Parking Lot Connection to PLC Control and Parking Systems


Easy Maintenance

Modular design, convenient to assemble and disassemble

Degree of protection

IP65 dustproof and waterproof

Control mode 

PLC control, rs23s communication

Payment module

the circulation of notes and coins to receive change

Intelligent CRM management

High process speed and capacity for cash

Built-in integrated software,Plug and play device

High accuracy, high stability and reliability,high safety performance

Product Usage

Product usage introduction

  • Choose one of the way for car washing methods
  • Pay for the fees for car wash
  • Then the printer will show the detail
  • Drive your car for the wash

Description of product use effect

  • Use self-service payment machine, reduce a lot of labor costs
  • Less errors in change
  • 24 hours unattended
  • Quick and convenient to help customers complete the car wash process
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