Intelligent Cash Recycler

The cash recycling module with new technologies.With the state-of-the-art technology present a very high performance, with fast cash processing speed of 8 notes/second, large capacity of 3,350 notes per intelligent recycling cassettes plus one multifunctional cassette and flexible configuration including Double-currency Recycling Cassette.

Furthermore, the online cash sorting and counting reduce the workload of internal staff and the functionality of serial number capturing ensures the feasibility of banknote tracking. The modular design makes the maintenance easy and fast.

The cash recycling module is able to process the notes in different dimensions simultaneously and supports different currencies by updating the validation software. It’s an ideal cash processing solution which optimize cash management and minimize the Total Cost of Ownership.


Unique serial number validation and recognition

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology can record each deposited banknote’s serial numbers

Intelligent cassette management

Maximum 3,350 fit notes (360mm) loading as dispensing cassette, and maximum 2,850 fit notes (330mm) loading as recycling and deposite cassette

One multifunctional acceptance cassette. A capacity of maximum 2,850 notes

Lost & Reject Box: A capacity of maximum 500 notes

Cassette full, almost full, empty detection

Double-currency Recycling Cassette: A capacity of maximum 1800 notes and quantity of DRC from one up to four for Standard configuration 4+1.5

Cassettes Swapping Solution for Cash Recycling Module to optimize the current cash cycle

High process speed and capacity

Depositing at a speed of 8 banknotes/ second; Maximum 300 banknotes per transaction

Easy Maintenance

Modular design, convenient to assemble and disassemble

Front or rear service access for convenient maintenance

Built-in integrated software,Plug and play device

High accuracy, high stability and reliability,high safety performance


Bank/Financial Servies and Government Services/Telecom/Back office/ Retail/ Hotel/ Airport/Metro Station/Highway/Car Parking/ Hospital/ Cinema/ Gym/ Transportation......

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