Pharmacy Kiosk
identity information registration, X-ray film taking

A healthcare kiosk solution allows patients to register or check in by just filling out paper forms or scan their fingerprint from machine. It increases convenience and streamline administrative processes also. Print prescription, scan QR code,pay by bank card,get a receipt with doctor's order.All these information no longer needs to be manually transferred from paper forms, administrative costs are reduced and errors are minimized.
If loop Cloud Healthcare Management Backend Server and Medicine Dispensing Kiosk inside,the whole system will gives an unparalleled experience in pharmacy.

  • Self-service registration, self-service payment, self-service printing, self-service inquiry

  • Credit Card,Bank Card,QR Code unmanned cashiers reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency

  • Improved the service quality optimize medical service process

  • Improve queuing effectiveness and medical treatment effectiveness. Optimize privacy protection

  • 24 hours service, self-service registration, optimize the service process

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