Cash & Cashless Payment Gateways

Food Ordering Machine

EcoPay fulfills different transaction requirements, it has embraced a modular design , built in coin recycling,banknotes recycling,QR Code and POS terminal,also NFC payemt,which enables restaurants' customers to pay by any means flexiblity after finish their orders.Agile and unrestrained solution design, completely eliminating “One Size Fits All” constraints.

“A-Game” Team Members orchestrating all project development tracks – with the unique benefit of being together under one roof:

With its standard platform,merchant just file for charging account locally,uploading the menu and setting up pricing,this machine works the whole ordering and payment process 24/7/356,without any labor force involvement.

You can see obviousely reduct customer queuing traffic and labor force with this machine.

Self Ordering Kiosk

Self-ordering with Banknotes and Coins Recycled, POS Terminal,QR Code,NFC Payment All-in-one Machine


23.6 Inch Cashless

  • Credit Card Payment With POS:Visa、MasterCard and Discover
  • QR Scanner:Recognize 1D,2D Code Or Mobile Phone Payment Code
  • Receipt Printer:USB connection、Thermal Printing
  • Maintenance oF The Bill Printer :External Maintenance Of Replace The Printer Paper
  • Kitchen Printer:Connection Method:WIFI/Blueteeth /Local Area Network Connection
  • Payment Method:Cash,Credit Card,Deposit Card,e-Wallet(Wechat,Alipay,SWISH Payment)
  • Installation:Wall Mount /Floor Mount

32 Inch with Cash Processing

  • Banknote Accept Speed:Around 0.9 sec/note
  • Banknote Validate Rate:Higher than 99%
  • Banknote Stacker Capacity:Around 1000 notes
  • Banknote Give Speed:Up to 5 notes/sec
  • Coin Accept Speed:Up to 4 coins/sec
  • Coin Holder Capacity:Around 1500 coin
  • Insert Coin Method:Max. 20 coins of 16 mixed denominations in bulk
  • Coin Give Speed:12 pcs/sec
  • Coin Give Capacity:1400 coins
  • Receipt Printer:USB connection
  • Desktop Printer:Connection Method:WIFI/Blueteeth /WLAN Network Connection
  • Coin Recycling:Inserted Coins Recycled as Changes
  • Coin Refilling:Manually or Automatically
  • Banknote Recycling:Inserted Banknotes Recycled as Changes
  • Built-in QR Code Scanner: Scans 1D,2D Code Or Mobile Phone Payment Code
  • Credit Card Payment from POS Terminal:VisaMasterCard and Discover
  • Payment Method:Cash,Credit Card,Deposit Card,e-Wallet(Wechat,Alipay,SWISH Payment)

Client-end Software

Customer select product and payment method,machine accept cash or bankcard and gives changes,receipt;

Manage cash,manage machine info;

Check transaction,revenue statistics report.

Remote Back-end Management Software

Manage(Release,delete,modify) product or ads for all shops and machines;

Check transaction,revenue statistics report for all shops and machines.

Receipt Printer
QR code scanner
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