Checkout without Cashier

Supermarket Self-checkout Kiosk

Self-checkout Kiosk
Is there any other ways to compete with online shopping?

DK gives an odds solution by providing customers an easy, fast,non-contact,autonomous self-checkout experience, merchandise are scanned and identified,then all information displayed on the kiosk screen, confirm the quantity and price, then pay by cash or bank card,or NFC,even facial,then bag them and go.The whole purchase process is touchless. Customers no need to wait in front of desk or touch anything or talk to anyone,it is accurate and digital services that compare favorable with shopping online,while still can check all the bought items with their eyes instantly.

POS terminal

Tap RFID or insert IC bank cards,communicate with PC

Receipt Printer

Desktop model,easy maintenance like loading the thermal roller

Coin Acceptor

Bundle coins accepting, fast and high validation rate

Cash Recycler

Insert and collect banknotes from one same slot, give multiple denominations

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