Self-service Ordering Kiosk - Does Your Restaurant Need One?

Restaurant guests expect convenience, and QSR kiosks provide just that. Save on labor costs, cut customer wait times, and increase ticket order sizes using self-order kiosks everywhere from quick service restaurants to stadiums and entertainment venues. Implementing a restaurant self-order kiosk program can improve both customer satisfaction and ROI. 

Diverse design↓↓

1. A slim wall mount kiosk solution


Wall mounted kiosks save space without sacrificing the quality or features of a larger unit.

2. 32 Freestanding Kiosk

Offer speed and efficiency with self-service kiosks.


Take advantage of an array of customization and brand personalization options. The DK 32 design is also available as an outdoor unit

3. Advantage Countertop Kiosk

A durable and compact self-service kiosk solution

Provide guests with self-service options at the counter with our Advantage Countertop kiosk.


Benefits of Restaurant Kiosks:

1.Reduce wait time and congestion

With restaurant kiosks, customers order quickly and at their convenience, improving the overall checkout experience

2.Improve order accuracy

Remove the possibility of miscommunication and human error during the ordering process

3.Free up employees

Counter employees can now focus on more customer-oriented tasks

4.Higher ticket orders

QSR kiosks have proven to increase order ticket sizes thanks to upsell opportunities and increased customer privacy while ordering

5.A solution to the labor shortage

A dutiful employee, the self-service kiosk fills labor gaps and cuts costs

6.Market-ready software

Self-service kiosks are powered by self-ordering software that integrates with multiple POS systems

Restaurant Kiosk Example


we believe that inefficiencies are simply opportunities to grow into the ever-changing world of tomorrow. And in the fast-paced restaurant industry, you simply can’t afford to get left behind by using old technology or slow manual labor.

Our self-service kiosks for restaurants are designed to better the customer experience—and your bottom line—in every way.

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