Cashless Payments at the casino ATM Machine

Is cash still king when it comes to casinos? We'd take that bet. But the rules are changing and cashless is here to stay. If you're ready to accept mobile payments at the machine, we're ready to talk to you. Read about how Our Casino ATM machine is leading the next generation of casino payment.

At-Machine Mobile Payment for Casino Gaming

   As the gaming industry seeks to offer new ways for customers to pay, Crane Payment Innovations and Global Payments Gaming Solutions (GPGS) are collaborating to increase consumer options for mobile funding and play for at-machine gaming with VIP Mobility, the Global Payments mobile payment application enabled by CPI payment hardware (SC Advance banknote validator) and Easitrax Connect software.

Working together, Easitrax Connect and VIP Mobility enable patrons to easily and securely fund slot machines via the digital payment app to maximize convenience and increase dollars to the floor.

“Today's consumers carry more ways to pay than ever before and, in other industries such as vending and retail, we have consistently observed that an operator's overall revenue is highest when a machine has both cash and digital acceptance technology installed,” said Brian Wedderspoon, CPI VP of Gaming. “We therefore see mobile payments alongside cash acceptance as a complete payment solution that will drive a consumer mindset that is prepared for more electronic payment options at the machine."

“Consumer preference for mobile solutions that enhance their experience is reshaping numerous industries around the world and gaming entertainment leaders must adjust in order to capture the long-term attention and loyalty of their patrons,” said Christopher Justice, President of Gaming Solutions for Global Payments. “By leveraging the scale, reliability and knowledge of Global Payments and CPI, we are delivering a solution that consumers will love and gaming institutions can confidently implement, knowing that the level of disruption is minimal, especially compared to other solutions in the market.”

With the Nevada Gaming Commission moving towards regulation for the use of electronic transfer of credit at the slot machine (via debit card), enabling customers to start the transition to digital payment methods is critical as casinos prepare to implement further cashless payment options for their players.

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