Cashierless Technology in Retail from Diversity Kiosk

The concept of 'unmanned retail' is becoming increasingly popular. Recently, unmanned convenience stores with various modes such as "unmanned", "all day", and "self-service" have become a trend. Their different technological means and business models have brought a fresh breath to the physical retail industry.

Why Diversity Kiosk releases its complete Self Checkout System for Retail?

   COVID-19 changed customers' shopping habits without a doubt. Physical shops are now looking for restructuring solutions to adjust their services to meet customers' expectations.

What makes our system unique?

   Back year 2017,a take-and-go shop opened in Changsha,Hunan province,headquater of Diversity Kiosk,RFID tags.

Scan the QR code to enter the store, self-service settlement, and new technology to ensure smooth shopping.

   The "Five Person"(Chinese pronunciation homophonic "unmanned") convenience store, as one of the emerging representatives of unmanned retail, gives the first impression of a sense of fashion and technology explosion.


   To enter a convenience store for five people, customers need to scan the WeChat QR code on the door for real name authentication before the door can automatically open. After entering the store, you can freely choose the products you need. Place the products on the shopping table (do not place them down or too close) and scan them. The display screen will immediately indicate the amount and payment QR code. After the mobile payment is completed, the system will automatically detect successful payment at the entrance, and the door will automatically open; If there are any items that have not been successfully paid, the system will remind you to check out again, and the entire intelligent shopping process will end.

   The convenience store for "Five Person" is equipped with an intelligent anti-theft recognition system without dead corners. Cameras are installed in multiple corners, and the departure detection area can determine whether all products have been successfully checked out by reading the information on the product labels, and provide door opening or voice prompts. If the account is not settled in a timely manner, remote staff will seek compensation through real name registration information and facial recognition. In severe cases, they will be blacklisted and not allowed to re-enter the convenience store for "Five Person".

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